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“I first met Adelle when we were both living overseas. I was finding it difficult to settle in but through her contribution of empathy, positive enthusiasm and straight forwardness I found the confidence I needed to start on a new path in life". 



"My personal life was in shambles and felt I had nobody to turn to to help me. I was at a really low point in my life so did a bit of internet searching and found  Adelle. I'm so glad I did. She listened and helped me find a way forward at my pace. I'm still working on it but I am much more positive and really feel I now have a future".




“Adelle is highly personable and friendly but always professional in manner. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years and marvelled at her ability to put people instantly at ease and she has the ability to quickly and insightfully target the heart of the discussion. Coupled with her capable and straight-talking manner, these skills make her an invaluable aid to breaking down problems into more simplistic and easy to understand components. I would highly recommend Adelle to anybody seeking help to deal with a personal or professional issue”.



"Three months ago I didn't have any headspace, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted because work was taking over my life.

Working with Adelle has been fantastic. I now work differently, I'm no longer overwhelmed, I manage my work life in a better way, and have the tools and techniques now to help me thrive".



June's Story

"Hi, my name is June.


Before I met Adelle I had some personal problems. I had a situation with my daughter who is my only child. The problem caused me to have so many anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I felt so alone with my thoughts. I had no idea how to sort this out in my head.


I met Adelle and from the first talk with her, I felt I have someone who totally understands what I am talking about and listened to every word I was saying. After that, I did not feel so alone with this problem.


Working with Adelle on my problem was such a load off my mind as she is very understanding and kind. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable when we met up. She did not judge me or my daughter. She allowed me to talk out my thoughts. She did so much to help me.


Things for me have changed so so much. I am now understanding lots more than I did. I have allowed myself to let go of things that were not really important. I thought I would never get over this. I am fine, I am happy and my daughter is happy.


The results I have received are amazing. I have a different way of thinking now. I have changed so much in my thoughts. Adelle has helped me get to this stage of my life. I can now laugh instead of crying. I can go out with my daughter and have lunch and have a normal chat. I am not walking on eggshells anymore. We are happy again.


I would describe Adelle as an amazing lady, who is very good at what she does. Very caring and very interested in people and helping them to move on from problems. Very easy to talk to. I am so lucky to have found Adelle. I know for sure I can always depend on her to listen and help me if I ever need it at any point in my future.


I would always recommend Adelle to anyone who needs help as I know by my experience with her she will always do the very best for you whatever it may be. I will also add I was going through cancer at the time and the support she gave me was second to none. A wonderful lady whom without her help I would not have got through this.


Thank you, Adelle, from the bottom of my heart.x"


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